EZTRIM Satellite
$250/day $200/multiple days
The EZTRIM Satellite is hands down the world’s best leaf trimmer. Not only is it faster and quieter than any tunnel trimmer but with its superior adjustability, the Satellite guarantees unsurpassed trim quality regardless of the strain.
Bonsai Duo Hero
$150/day $125/multiple days
Like working with a normal pair of scissors you turn the plant around and cut off everything you want. At 12 cuts per second, you can cute up to 3 times faster than manual trimming for up to 5,000 hours.
$500/day $400/multiple days
The Triminator® Monster Drum is the largest in the industry, providing up to 30% more cutting surface than other trimmers, providing a faster, closer trim. The Triminator® is up to 90 times faster than hand trimming.
TrimPro Rotor
$150/day $125/multiple days
The TRIMPRO ROTOR has been designed and developed to be a gentle and efficient quality product. Employing leather fingers to circulate your flowers over our non-stick grate, the leaves are trimmed by our razor sharp tempered steel blades.