As the number of medical professionals and lawmakers who recognize the health benefits of medicinal marijuana continues to increase, demand for medical marijuana across the country will undoubtedly rise. Currently, 24 states have made it legal for residents to use medical marijuana as a safe, natural way to treat qualifying health conditions, and nine more states have legislation in the works.

Considering this constantly growing demand — along with advances in marijuana growing technologies — medical marijuana growers are always on the search for better, more efficient ways to grow their crop of choice.

One of the best ways to more easily harvest medical marijuana? Renting a large-scale trimming machine, rather than painstakingly manicuring each plant by hand.

Not sure if you should be using a trimming machine for your medical marijuana or not? Here’s a list of the biggest reasons to invest in a trimming machine for your large-scale medical marijuana growing enterprise:

Faster trimming
If a marijuana grower trims each plant by hand, this can translate to hours of mind-numbing work. On average, it takes a skilled trimmer eight to 10 hours to trim just one pound of product. With a trimming machine, however, the time it takes to trim marijuana buds from the plant is reduced to a tiny fraction of this. These machines can make tens of thousands of cuts per minute, saving you countless hours along the way.

High-quality trimming work every time
Hiring an individual to manually trim your medical marijuana plants can sometimes prove disastrous — if he or she isn’t an experienced trimmer, they might not exercise adequate care and ultimately produce a less-than-stellar product. With machine trimmers, quality is consistent every time.

Reduced long-term costs
As stated before, trimming machines save huge amounts of time, trimming entire medical marijuana plants in just minutes. Consequently, this allows each worker in your growing facility to perform more pressing tasks, boosting productivity and saving you huge amounts of money on long-term labor costs.

For commercial and industrial medical marijuana growing facilities, renting a trimming machine can be an investment that pays itself off many times over. No other trimming technique will offer the speed, efficiency and immense savings that these machines are able to offer.